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97 Corolla 1.8L automatic
I am uncertain if I have my ignition harness wired correctly. The black/white starter wire is where I think my issue is. I managed to get the keyless entry working, and some lights/siren sounds. Not really getting the horn to react when remote locking the vehicle (I did verify they were the correct wires and connected them accordingly) but I’m more focused on just getting the remote start working right now.
I’m using an
Excalibur RS-275-3DB system.
Excalibur manual

side note: I cut the siren because it kept going off and it was distracting and disconnected the big blue wire for the horn.

The pictures aren't so great so I will list the connections I made here
Ignition harness:
RED = BLACK/RED - constant 12V
RED/WHITE = WHITE - constant 12V
PINK = BLACK/YELLOW - Ignition 1
ORANGE = BLUE/RED - Accessory

18 Pin:
BLACK = GROUND Stereo chassis
WHITE = GREEN - Parking lights
WHITE/BLACK = BLUE/YELLOW - Parking lights

GREEN = BLUE/WHITE - Door trigger
BLUE/BLACK = GREEN/RED - Horn (disconnected for now)

RED 4 Pin Door lock/Unlock:
BLUE = BLUE/YELLOW - Power Unlock

3 Pin Satellite Relay Port: RED
GREEN = BLUE/RED - Accessories
RED = RED - 12V
BLUE = BLACK/YELLOW - Ignition 1

4 Pin Secondary Harness:
WHITE/BLUE = BLUE/YELLOW(unlock wire) - Remote start activation
I connected the white/blue remote start activation to my unlock wire and now it’s picking up the remote start, but gets stuck cranking and stopping then it gives up.

I sometimes have to press the gas pedal down to get it to start normally before I installed the remote start. If I crank the key hard it usually starts. From what I researched it could be fuel injectors, fuel filter, and possible the starter.

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1994 Corolla DX
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I think I have a spreadsheet somewhere with what wires I tapped when I did this install (albeit with a different manufacturer - Avital). I'll see if I can dig it up on my other computer.

I recall never getting the horn to work (I eventually just gave up), but the remote start, keyless entry and side marker flashes work fine. I also retrofitted a trunk opening solenoid so I can use the trunk release button.

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This car had an old alarm system previously installed. I was able to connect the keyless entry just by going off the old T Taps, so the previous own probably installed some extra wires. This is my first attempt at wiring something other than something basic. I’m thinking some of the T Taps I haven’t figured out might be for the lights I tested the RED/WHITE wire by the driver side door and I think that one may be a constant 12V. The system I ordered didn’t come with any separate relays. Just the key fobs, module brain, valet alarm warning thing, and just the wires listed in the manual.

1997 Corolla
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Maybe you can find a relay which that alarm control will trigger, and then just connect its secondary circuit to the horn, in parallel with the car's existing wires to the horn.
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