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remote start

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Dose anyone know which wire on one of the igniters to tap into for the tach wire on a remote starter.its an 04 2.7.thanks
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Im not really sure on the 4 cylinder but i would be very careful. a buddy of mine installed mine and used a T tap and toyota wasnt happy about it when it came time to warranty anything.

I solder things like that.I had one put on my othere tacoma.Its a v6 and I know which wire they used but the ignitor on it has just 2 wires instead of the 4 on this thing.I cant seem to find an installer around here worth a crap.Circuit city put the othere one on and did a crapy job of it. I think anything you change seems to upset the dealer.They seem to forget who paid for the thing in the frist place.You can make changes to it and it wont void the warranty in every case.You dont have to use their oil filters or their oil by law.If they state you do they have to provide at no cost to you.Life is to short to wait till the warranty goes out to fix it like you want it.Thanks for the reply and have a happy new year.
generally if there are two wire at each injector you choose the odd color one. for example say ther are four injectors and all of them have a black wire. then on each one there is a diferent color next to the black one you can use any of the ones that are different colors. I am a manager at an install shop and if you want an exact color let me know make model year and I will get it to you.

That would be great.Its a 2004 tacoma 2.7.It has 4 wires per injector instead of two like the v6.It says to hook it to a tach wire or injector wire.When I hook it to the tach wire at the data link connector or obd connector the alarm acts like it learned the tach wire.But when you try and remote start it it will crank but will not run.When it dose this there is no power going to the injectors while its cranking.Alarm spits out a fault code that it has a low or no tach signal.If I turn the key to run and remote start it it will crank and run.I had a viper installed on my 02 tacoma v6 and they hooked it up to an injector wire.I thought maybe they did it because the toyota has a crazy tach signal or something.Thanks.

you also might want to check to make sure all ignition wires are fired up if the injectors dont get power when you remote start it there is something else wrong there. to find the tach wire you will note that on all four or six injectors 3 out of the four wires will be the same on all of them. the one wire that changes color at each injector is the wire you want . just make sure the pins match up and choose the odd colored one. just look at two of them and choose the wire that is not the same on either one of them. but check all your wiring and be sure the ignitions and accessories are all fired up or the car will not run properly. keep me posted. by the way what kind of remote starter are you using??
use any wire that is not black-yellow,black-red, or brown. and like I said make sure the two ignition wires are fired up and also the tach in the diagnostic port will only work if your truck has a tachometer. if it does not it will not work.
Thanks,Its a viper 560xv. It has a tach.Im starting to think there maybe something wrong with this thing.I double checked the wires and everything is hooked up.The thing that throws me is that the diagnostic mode says low or no tach signal.I have installed alarms before.This is first one to give me a headache. It acts like the starter is the only thing getting power.Might have a bad controller.If I have time Im going to try and get on it today or tommorow.I hate having something that dosent work.Thanks for all your help guys.

I hooked up the tach wire and it learned the signal.It still starts but wont run.I double checked and I have everything hooked up exactly like it says in the manual.I figure its either the brain box or maybe the satellite relay.The diagnostic code still says low or no tach signal but I know its getting a signal.When I remote start it with the ignition in run position and it runs I rev the engine and it kills it.It has to get a signal from the tach wire that the engine is reving up to kill it.I bought this thing brand new in the box, but I have had it too long to send it back.The alarm part functions fine.It locks and unlocks the doors and gose off if anyone screws with it.I thought about getting a new controller but I hate to pay a dealer to install it.I dont think they will sell you one out right.Besides it could be the satellite relay thats bad.Any thoughts?
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well on that note you say it works if you remote start it with the ignition on?? if so your missing one of the ignition wires at the column. if it starts and dies try thi either re program tach at like 1500 rpm... just rev it a little or there should be a tach threshold jumper on the unit. dei always has one. try moving that jumper and give that a shot. does the key have a chip in it????? double check by remote starting it with the key in the key cylnder but not in the run position. if it works then there is a chip in the key and you will need to bypass it. let me know if it does and I will tell you a little trick.
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