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On both of my key fobs i am unable to use the remote start feature. Id like to get it working before winters cold months. I have the Vip module next to my sun shade button. Every time i try the button sequence i dont get a confirmation beep. I have push start if that matters as well. I heard it could be the hood latch?
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The "VIP module" shown in your photo is the microphone for the optional glass breakage detector. It is part of the alarm system and not related to remote start.
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In 3rd generation Avalon early model years, Remote Start was a dealer-installed (or port-installed) accessory. The remote start symbol on the fob(s) does not mean remote start is actually installed. Vehicles with Remote Start will have the control modules mounted above the glove box, marked with a red ellipse and identified as "RES ECU" and "BUS ECU" in the attached drawing.
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