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i know i know search..
this has been covered plenty of times but i cant really seem to find what i am looking for..
the alarm viper 791 the car 94 camry v6
im like half way done with the install (i just need to connect the remote start)
and i am a bit confused
i have asked several people on here and searched over many pages
i have read that connecting the remote start a relay is need for the start/start kill
im not a wiring expert..
and most of the people that i read threw thr forums on here didnt use a relay

i have the location of where the wires need to go i just need a little help with the relays
im sure that i need them.. i know what relays do/are..

OH i almost forgot.. the tach wire...
i have searched the web and found that you can find the tach wire on a 94 camry by the right rear pass. strut and others say its found the drivers side
(a little connector with a black wire) isnt that the abs sensor?
then i come across that people get the tach wire from under the hood i think something to do with the injector
and the other place is at the ECM
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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