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Removal of Water Spots

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Soooo, anyone out there have any good solutions to removing water spots from the mirrors and windows. I always dry the windows after washing, but after 3+ years of spending time outdoors, spots do accumulate. The sliding rear window is the worst because any condensation/rain from overnight runs down right onto that center glass. By the way, we're not necessarily talking hard water spots here, but those faint spots just don't wash completely away.
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Rubbing compound...No seriously, it works!

Did it on my girlfriends jeep with years of water spots that the previous owners left there. Crystal clear windows now.
have a look over on the detailing forum, they have some good ideas. probably something on waterstained glass. I googled it about a year ago and paid 15 or so for some white stuff like fine sugar. you put it on a white scotch brite pad (napa has em) make a paste and rub away. works like rubbing compound. I did it on a voyager that needed a lot of work and used a 5 inch random orbit sander. it has a velcro hook pad and grabbed the white pad. used slow speed and it worked like a charm. Napa has some stuff too, they probably are all a variation of rubbing compound. I do it by hand on my taco to keep the stains at bay. they get pretty nasty here.
Thanks. I see my thread was moved to the detailing section...since I'm bookmarked to the Tacoma section, didn't realize there was a detailing section. I'll have to see what's at the local Kragen.
Try rubbing some paint polish on our windshield and see if that takes care of some of it.
Hello 05Moose,

As stated above, any good swirl remover or light rubbing compound will do the trick. You are going to need to put in some good ole' fashion elbow grease as well, unless you have a D/A polisher which will make the spot removal a snap.

Let us know how you make out or you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me: [email protected].

Good luck,

Mix Vinagar and Water together in a spray bottle. Spray on and wipe off with a clean towel. Works perfect.
Get out a D/A polisher...I have a Porter Cable....use a white or orange pad and use some Klasse AIO (All-in-One) and I guarantee they will come out. I have been using this stuff for years. It is expensive but works on everything. Get some at
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