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removed tinting, glue traces HELP!!!!!!

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hi y` all, so today i was working on my vehicle and i said what the hell i don`t like window tinting -black 75%, so i removed it all :headbang:, looks nice with out the tinting but there are some areas where the glue remained and i really don`t like it,

can some one help me maybe some MacGyver style tip or something

i need to get rid of this nasty glue so i can take my "new Style" corolla out :clap:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts did you take your tint out? normally you need to use a razor blade and just take your time and scrape all the glue off without scratching the glass. Takes time, but clean.

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the razor blade is the first step. joy or dawn diswashing soap is the second. get a spray bottle and add a lot of soad to the water in it. shake then spray then squeegy gentle with the blade. also wear a glove incase a slip happens. ive had to remove a few in my earlier days because they were all limo and i caught in trob lol.:hammer:
nah! i just pull it off slowly but without other procedures.

i was triying with a can of "tuff stuff" seat cleaner that doesn`t not work in the seats but hey! it worked on removing the glue!

BTW: how do you clean your seats without taking them off the car?
i normally take them out and wash it througtly with water and laundry soap....:hammer:
Use lighter fluid... u'll see, it makes miracles. U may also try 'Tape off' product. (for the glue !!!)

For your seat, use some carpet cleaner and a soft nails brush.
There is a product called "goo gone" and we used it regularly when removing tint. Do not use a razor on the back window. You will ruin the rear defroster. It takes a bit of elbow grease but it does the job.
goo gone is ok but it needs to more concentrated. it takes a long time to get stuff off especially old pinstripe glue/took me 2 weeks to get my old black ones off that were morris coded lol.. WD40 will get stuff or glue off windows fast.

pretty sure overspray and residue cleans up with water.:welcome:
This sounds crazy but i use Brake Parts Cleaner. It works instantly. I use that stuff at work to take off the white stickers left behind from sticky weights when taking them off. you can try and wipe it right away if its light or spray it then use something to scrape it off
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