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Removing a body lift...

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Alright, my truck has 4" suspension lift, 3" body lift. I bought it that way. I don't like the body lift because it makes the 31" tires look tiny, and it just sits the truck taller. So I want to remove it. It is a Pro-Comp 3" body lift. Has anyone ever installed/uninstalled one of these? Can you walk me through it? Also, do I need any type of rubber/silicon washers to put inbetween the body and the frame mounts when I set the body back onto the frame?
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wanna remove it, then ship it to me? :naughty: I want a body lift... but if you are taking yours off and scraping it, might as well go to good use right? just a thought.

just buy bigger tires to fill in the wells
I'm already running 33"s. They look sort of small, but any bigger and I would bog down on the road. I may not be removing my body lift. As it turns out, the stock Toyota body spacers are pretty large. So my 3" lift may only be a real 2" lift. Also, I checked on the prices for new Toyota spacers... somewhere in the tune of $300+ dollars. I think the body lift is staying for a while. By the way, if I ever do remove the body lift, I will not be scrapping it, I will either be selling it, or maybe even giving it away. I'm not sure, but just give me some time...
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