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Removing AC controls panel - 2005 Camry

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Hello everyone,
I'm a quite fresh owner of 2005 Toyota Camry. Just recently I bought a new dect to replace the factory stereo, as well and all the neccessary stuff (i.e. harness and mounting plate). I tried to follow the instructions I found online for removing the panel but got stuck right in the beginning...

I managed to remove safely the front plate (trim) on the AC control panel as well as the trim of the stereo. I ended up with clear view of the stereo and the 4 bolts that need to be removed. However I cannot remove the actual AC controls (the 3 knobs). It appears to me they need to be removed in order to get access the the two lower bolts that hold the brackets with the stereo.

Could someone give me some idea how I can remove the AC panel (with the knobs) withouy screwing up something??? I would really greatly appreciate any directions as to ho to do that... Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Alan D.
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