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Removing an AE86 dash pad

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Hi all. I have a 1984 AE86 and I want to get the cracks in the dash repaired. I will need to remove the dash to have this done.

Can anyone advise please whether removing the dash pad is a simple process. Does it need to come out with the entire dash or can it be removed separately. Are there any instructions available anywhere that explains how to do it. Thankyou.
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even if you can get he padded crap off you will still need the whole dash out for the job to be done right. I replaced the dash in my 1990 jetta. just kept removing nuts and bolts and the gauges and so on until it came out. I didn't mind doing it but it can be a pain. Espcially putting the tonns of nuts, screws, and bolts back
I'd probably have the dash made from fiberglass/carbonfiber.
I would just go to a wrecker and find a good dash. I got lucky! my dash is AMAZING no cracks
There are about 3 cracks over the instrument panel area which run the width of the dash from the windscreen to the instruments. One is wider than the others. I have tried some wreckers but these models are rare in Australia. My only option at this stage is to repair unless I get lucky and find one at the wreckers.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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