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Removing and Replacing Your AE86 Hatch Door

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Other than the basic removal of the support struts and the hinges holding the hatch door themselves, what's to do with removing and reattaching the electrical wiring for the window wiper and the tubing for the jet spray?

The hatch door I picked up off Sam has everything simply "cut off", so the wiring and tubes are all cut.

Has anyone here removed and replaced a hatch door successfully? Please help me out. Thank you.

P.S. -- My original hatch door didn't come with the third brake light, but this hatch I just got does. Anyone know how to wire it up?

Thanks again in advance!!
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I've swapped hatch doors before. You have to pull back the headliner in the rear and you can unplug everything. I don't remember about the washer spray thing, but I think you can get that off nicely too.

I don't know if the wiring is set up for a 3rd brake light, I don't think the harness has the necessary plugs for it.
Hey thanks. Anything else I need to watch out for? How hard was it to take yours off? Any steps I need to take in a particular order?
Wiring harness/wiper nozzle then struts then hinge... otherwise you will snap a wire and have a hatch door fall on your head when u take the struts off..
I would suggest getting a friend to help you, I've done it solo and it's very hard to get the bolts off the hinges and struts and not have the door pivot off the car and try and kill you
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