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removing antenna for cleaning

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How do you remove the antenna to go through an automatic car wash? I tried my smallest wrench, but it wasn't small enough.
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According to the '06 owner's manual, it's only supposed to be finger tight, comes right off. FWIW, I never take mine off when I go thru the car wash, never been a problem and mine is just finger tight. I'd be more worried about the spare tire cover if you don't have a limited, it can be blown off by the high velocity dryer, happened to mine in one wash that I don't use any more. It's been reported several times at Rav4World.
Thanks for that info! I went through a wash today (no touch) and it did fine, but in the future, will remove the tire cover. Appreciate the response!
Have a 2008 Rav4. Tried to remove fender mounted antenna with pliers, but it was too tight. Help? Don't want to hurt it. My SCION TC screws out with fingers.
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