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Removing Backseat Cushion-'02 Cam

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Does anyone know how to remove this on the gen.5 Cam?
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Which cushion are you talking about? The ones on the sides that you remove to access the struts? The middle armrest cushion? Which cushion?
The actual seat where ur butt sits on :D
:lol: Ok, sorry... can't help you with that one. Try looking for a bolt down near where your feet would be.
My Gen3 just pulled up, but my Gen5 wouldn't come up no matter hopw hard i pulled. I am interested too.
drunken_panda said:
My Gen3 just pulled up, but my Gen5 wouldn't come up no matter hopw hard i pulled. I am interested too.
thats what I'm saying,gotta be missing something
Anyone have pictures of where the bolts are located to remove the backseat? I've looked in the Haynes manual, but not too helpful. "Lift up on the front edge of the rear seat bottom cushion, remove the rear mounting bolt and remove the cushion from the vehicle." From that I'd guess there is one bolt somewhere. I suspect there are a lot of goodies underneath the seat that I want to get to; extra plastic snaps, screws, etc.
always wondered the same thing, i lost a couple things down there, but heres what i found.check out page 72-34
Yeah I removed the rear cushion when I was switching my cloth seats to leather. You have to take the top cushions (where you back rests) off first. So first thing is pulling back the velcro that attaches the trunk liner to the backs of the folding part. There is also a piece of styrofoam that could be damaged if you aren't careful, so pull that out and set it aside. There are two black metal brackets that hold the top cushions in place (I think each bracket has 2 bolts). Once you remove the back cushions and the brackets, just pull up on the back part of the bottom cushion (the part nearest to the inside of the trunk). You'll feel some resistance, but keep pulling.

One thing though. When you're pulling the bottom cushion out, just be careful not to pull ridiculously hard if it isn't coming out. basically the underside of the bottom cushion has these two hook-like things that are molded into the bottom of the cushion. These notches latch into holes. If you're pulling the wrong way and you don't know about them, you could bend the plastic. My advice is to grab the back part of the cushion (the part nearest the trunk) and pull up and in towards the trunk.

I feel like I'm making this sound a lot harder than it is. Believe me, once you're in there, you'll know what to do. Its fairly straightforward.
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^^ I'm having trouble with opening that pdf file =/ Even from the original home page.
^ Even after removing the seatbacks from the pivoting brackets, I wasn't able to just pull the rear of the seat cushion up, because there are some other metal brackets in the way. I just removed those brackets too and everything was fine. Then there were just two clips towards the front to release.

So I took apart everything and came to see that the seat cushion could probably just be removed by pulling up to disengage the two circled clips, and then pulling the seat towards the front of the car.

All that work to discover an allen wrench and a white snap thing. I was hoping to find some of those black snap/self-fastening things, the types (there are two) that hold the trunk liner to the trunk opening from the backseat. A little off topic, but does anyone know a good resource for those besides the dealer? I think I asked the dealer before and they said something like $4 a piece.
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WERD sniko thats how yu remove the seat. Go one side by one. PLace a hand on one side of the close as you can tothe clip..and the ther the same thing. Then move over to the second clip, and repeat the same process.
Wow good posts everybody, Maybe this helps
someone too.

i think what they are trying to say is just push up under the seat and the clips are supposed to just pop out.
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