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Removing Cat

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While driving over a rough dirt road, something bang on my cat and now the car's exhaust sounds la lot.

I took it to a shop and they told me that the cat was damaged and recommended removing it and replacing with a just a pipe. He said I would not notice a difference and some people tell me that is better to have it removed.

I am very skeptical since it may confuse the o2 sensor. What do you guys think?

keep in mind that here in Honduras there are no regulation or laws concerning the removal of the catalitic converter.
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yeah I would like to know as well.....does the 89 corolla GTS need a dealer wasnt even sure when I talked to them a while back when I was concerned that my car wasnt running very well.
Cats are strictly for lowering emissions, if you have emissions testing in your city or if you even care about the environment at all, I would not recommend taking it off.. if any of the above don't apply to you then go ahead and take it off. :disappoin

Yes, you would notice a difference in power if you took it off, cats restrict the flow of air, but your car would also get a lot louder since cats also act as sound deadening. Some cities will give you a large fine if you're found with your cat removed.

Well, i took my car to a diffrent muffler shop, since the guy at this other shop seemed like a crook.

It turned out that the Cat was fine and dandy, the problem was the resonator after the o2 sensor that had come loose. All it needed was to weld it back in place and problem solve. My car is all quiet now! The whole job cost me less than US$ 5.

Thanks anyways!
5 pesos mijo. :thumbup: :D
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