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removing pinstripes...DIY??

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Is removing pinstripes a DIY thing? How would i go about doing it?
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i'm 75% done with mines. only 1 more side only on the doors as well. Goof-off is 5 times better the goo gone. I didn't use anything just plain old nail and time and goof-off to finish it. i kinda have a mark but nothing too noticable. Also found that the people who put on the stripe left me a nice razor mark on my driver door. Also i found that a very small chip of paint came out too. outa the whole car about a circle the size of 1mm diameter was chipped. pretty good i think. just need to finish it up.

what about this whole waxing thing?

i've always been against waxing cause of all the horror stories and the fact that i don't know how to do it right. anyone wanna teach ?
maybe i am getting waxing and buff confused but waxing is something you shouldn't do in direct sunlight correct? also if done wrong would waxing damage your car?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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