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Removing the "no-smoking" ash tray

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My Storage tray with the "no-smoking" symbol in it grinds for some reason and no longer opens easily like it used to. I've been trying to figure out how to remove it to figure out what the problem is, but I'm having a hard time pulling it out. I don't want to break it, does anyone know how to remove that tray? the link below is a parts webpage that has a picture of the part i'm talking about, for's Number 17 on the diagram
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if its like most ashtrays, there's probably a metal piece inside that lifts up and holds it in place, you'll have to open it and try to pull down that piece for the ashtray to come out.
See: That is for radio removal, but it has pics you will need.

It is very common for them to break, they are cheap. Some people put a ribbon of magnetic tape so at least it shuts.
Thanks for the pictorial, that really helped. I took it apart, but there is no apparent problem. I guess it's just cheap, and the spring no longer holds as much tension as it should. The plastic on one side just grinds against the casing...o well
Mine broke right after my warranty expired, I hooked a rubber band on the backside broken hinge to keep the door closed, you can't see it and it works fine :clap:
I had my XM radio controller installed in that tray. My spring either broke or fell off. Dealer would not warranty it as I had drilled a hole through back of it for radio wires. I added a rubber band to mine also. It will not stay open on its own, but it does stay securely closed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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