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removing timing gear from crankshaft....

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The title says it all, I'm trying to replace the oil pump on my 4ag and I'm a lil stumped on removing that timing gear that sits right in front of it... None of my three jaw gear and pulley pullers are small enough to clear that ring that surrounds the gear. Making a trip to harbor freight to see if they have anything small enough but any tricks or tips would be greatly appreciated !!
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Gently heat it up a little (Not to fast and nog to hot). If you focus the heat on the gear (try to heat up the crank as little as possible) it will expand and should come right off, even without a puller ;)
awesome thanks for the quick response! you caught me before I left....I hadn't even thought about the old heat tricks!
that heating hasnt ever worked on a crankshaft pulley, it almost always rusts to the shaft. Although in your case you dont have to mind the axle seals that get melted in the process. Get a two pawl pulley puller and take it off with that. Always worked for me. :cool:
Also the vulcanized rubber dampener in the crank shaft pulley will melt and de-vulcanize.
He was purely talking about the toothed timing belt camgear on the crankshaft wasn't he?
Can be used on the pulley aswell...but that requires a little more finesse :lol:
Worked for me last time :naughty:
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some will almost never come off.... some slide right off.

if you're replacing the oil pump.... you might have to expect to replace the lower gear.

there's varying ways to get it off when it's frozen... using any sort of puller that grabs on behind the gear will most likely break that pulley when you pull it off.... if any part of it chips off, don't re-use it.

what some have done to get around this is drill 2 holes opposite of one another on the pulley itself, threaded the holes, then used a puller similar to a steering wheel puller to get it out.

I've had some that a 2 foot prybar barely budged and literally take over an hour to remove....
gently heated up just the gear and with a little muscle and a hammer she came right off! All while rocking my 3 month old to sleep with my foot!!! ;) I do plan on replacing that gear anyway, I put some small bends on the ring that are on the back side of the gear, I don't think they would have come close to touching the timing belt once she's put back together but why take the chance when I'm rebuilding the whole block anyway......
See, it works! :lol:
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