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Render 3D Images of Your Vehicle With Different Wheels (see pics inside...)

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This site was just recently released: Wheel Envizio, the ultimate online wheel configurator. You can pick a vehicle, select wheels, adjust the suspension, pick a background, and take a photo. You can rotate everything in 3D using your mouse. Once you have a configuration that you like, click the VIEW THE FINAL IMAGE button to get a high-quality render of your configuration. The program has 300+ 3D vehicles and hundreds of wheels. New vehicles are being added weekly. You need Flash and the Viewpoint plug-in to view it. You can download the Viewpoint plug in here. [URL=""]
Actual renders from the program:

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i can do that wit photoshop, but coo site!
heh...i was waiting for that site to start cycling to other forums...
Man...they don't have the 01'-04- Avalons and also the new Avalons.
aznstylez said:
Man...they don't have the 01'-04- Avalons and also the new Avalons.
the guys who wrote the page did so more as a fun thing for themselves, rather than to appeal to every person who might look at it.

that, and they did it partially to cater to the folks over on that civic forum whose name, for some reason, is censored...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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