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1996 T100 4x4 sr5, 2008 Yaris
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Hey everyone! I have purchased a 1996 T100 with 103k miles. Truck runs and drives excellent. I’m in the process of updating things for drivability and reliability just because some parts are getting old. I’ve been trying to find anything that could become a problem and fix it.

I have read a lot about the head gasket issues with the 3.4. I’ve also seen there was a campaign by Toyota to fix the problems. There were 2 revisions for the head gaskets and you could tell which revision you had by looking at the holes stamped In the tab sticking out from between the head and block. Never could find a specific area where this would be but I found mine above cylinder 5.

There is one hole in the tab which would indicate revision 1? Two holes would be revision 2 if I’m correct?

It seems like I’ve read just as many problems failure with the revision 1 headgasket as a stock one.

Would just going ahead and replacing the gaskets and head bolts be a bad idea? I just don’t want to ever cause a problem with a cylinder head.

I was looking at the Mahle hs54137 gasket kit on rock auto along with their head bolts. Gaskets are MLS.

Or would just putting in head studs instead of replacing the head gaskets be too excessive for a stock engine?
Timing belt was just replaced if that makes any difference.

Sorry for the long post but I’ve researched a lot and couldn’t find anyone who replaced the head gaskets before they were a problem. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive tire


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Welcome to the T100 addiction.:cool:
I am of the mind set that you'd create more problems than you'd hypothetically solve, especially since you said the timing belt etc. were recently done. Do you know if your truck was part of the original head gasket recall or were they replaced in the past. Mine were done under the recall and it was based on VIN, not all 1995's. If you gonna replace the head bolts then replace the gasket since you'd be re-torquing a used head gasket which is not a good idea. The bolts weren't the issue that I'm aware of but they did get replaced by a lot of owners while the engine was apart for the head gasket.
I totally understand where your coming from and if you'd feel better knowing they had been replaced then by all means do it.
Reds a great color on the T100 ;)

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Welcome to the forums! :)

I guess if you were intending to turbocharge the engine and such then you would need to look at increasing the head retention strength by using studs. I've not seen any data on daily driver issues by using bolts vs studs. However, it's up to you if you want that added layer of confidence or not. ;)

As far as the head gaskets go, if you feel that it will make you more confident about the reliability of the engine to replace them with the Revision 2 gaskets, go fer it. In the long run, it's what's going to keep you on the road. ;)

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Welcome to the forums Glad you got such a good lookin' truck, as RED is the only color a T100 looks good in (kidding----mostly) ??. You are asking about "should I or shouldn't I" on the gaskets, an bolts. imho I'd leave well enough alone provided not doing it will drive you nuts. if so do it and don't look back; but use the best quality parts you can afford, not the cheapest. Keep us up to date and with pictures of how and what yer doin' (y)
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