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Replace floor carpet

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Has anyone replaced the interior floor carpeting on their Avalon? I've looked all over the net and I can find carpet for, it seems like, almost every car on the market except the Avalon.

Does anyone have any information on going about purchasing pre-molded carpet for the car? Or perhaps it is interchangeable with a Lexus 300?
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Try JCWhitney. I could not find it specifically for Avalon on the web site, but I know they will contact their suppliers, if you call them. I've had them find allot of custom stuff for my cars over the years that was not in the catalog or on the website. 1-800-603-4383. Good luck and let us know if you find some.
toyota HAS to make it, or have some in stock somewhere. give the parts dept. at your local dealer a call, they could at least give you the part number and a price from toyota, it will probably be a high price, but it will be a start.
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