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I am replacing the front wheel bearings on my 1998 2wd 4runner. I have the calipers off, and the seal plate removed from the inner side. I had to bend it some to get it out, but figure a new seal there will be required anyway. There's a retainer nut in there that looks like it's been "punched" to lock it into the right preload. I punched it back out (a bit crudely), and am trying to get that darned nut off but it won't budge. I made a special tool with two spanner pins to fit in the the holes, and the torque was high enough to bend my pins. Is this some sorts left handed thread or something?

Any tips for getting this retainer nut off will be appreciated.

Next will be the inner and outer tie rod ends.

I've worked on plenty of British cars, but this is a new make for me. Thanks, folks!!
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