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Replace Interior Door Handle

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2003 Limited Seq. Interior driver door handle broke. Purchased a new one, now how do I remove the broken one? I removed the center screw but the handle still will not come out. Do I just need to add a little muscle, don't want to break more parts?
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interior door handles

Hi Corona, these are easy to replace yourself. for ease I went to my local toyota dealer and picked up two of them. driveside front and rear both snapped. Each cost about $25.00. It took me about 15 minutes for each handle. Two screws for the door grabber need to loosened and the grabber removed. Where the actual door lever is, there is a little cap that needs to be popped off, and the screw behind it removed. So now the door handle is off, the housing around the lever is off. Now you need a flat head screw drive, or very strong fingers to start prying the door cover off. It will pop off with a few good tugs and each additional plastic rivet gives away easier as you go. From here, simply unscrew the boken handle mechanism, or it may be something that slides and clicks. I don't remember exactly since it has been a few months since I did it myself. YOu will see a metal cable with a head on the end of it, which you need to slide out of the old unit. Then just simply reverse the steps. It really does take all of about 15 minutes and beats the dealer waning to charge you $125 per door.
Have fun with it. Sorry for the late respone, but I am new to the forum.
Best of luck,
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