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09 Venza
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Good for you!

That is most impressive! I had to replace my rack and pinion unit last week on my 96 Avalon. I looked at what was involved and decided to take it to my mechanic :) No way was I going to tackle that one! He charged me $486.00-including an allignment--this was just labor.

It must be the season for our generation Avalon's having steering issues here in Atlanta! My wife works with 2 other people with our generation Avalons and both of these folks had to have new rack and pinion units installed and power steering pumps. I was lucky that I got by with only having the rack and pinion unit replaced-- this time. I do love this car and this is really the only big issue in 11 years and 107,000 miles---I am okay with that!

Looks like I will be needing new tires in the near future! I can't make my mind up as to what brand tire to go with. I had a 94 Camry and had a set of Toyos put on before I traded it in and liked those-so I may go with a set. If anyone has any advice or experience on the good, bad or ugly with tires please let me know!

Thanks and congrats on doing a hard job!!:clap:
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