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replaced fan motor and now more problems

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Well ok a while ago i posted about a fuse for one of the cooling fans. The fuse kept breaking and i took it into the shop. All in all it took them about 6 hours to get everything done. 2 hours testing the day before and 4 hours installing. Well upon repairing it they BROKE!! my temp gauge or something thats was needed. They tacked me up with a bill 170$ and said the gauge was broken. But it wasn't broke before they touched it. But i have no proof of that. Now they are giving me a price about 90$ for parts and labor for this little gauge thing. I'm considering doing it. Would there be any way for me to agrue my case. I've tried and so has my dad but no luck.

Currently: once my engine is on both cooling fans will spinning untill shutdown. Even if i turn it to the 3rd slot without starting the engine.
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Sounds like those dumbasses broke a sensor.

On my 3S-FE theres 2 sensors, one for the temp guage itself and another one (ect - engine coolant temp) that goes to the ecu.

I'm not sure if theres 2 sensors on a 5S-FE, but there is a ect (engine coolant temp) for sure.
i think thats what broke. Because the dude told me my car thinks its hot all the time. therefore the fans are running constantly. what do you think i should do about the situation? I'm thinking get it fix and never return.
^ That would be the ect sensor.

Either have them fix it and suck up the bill or fix it yourself. Theres not much else you can do.
or live with the fans running all the time .... get a repair manual search this site i posted a few links on here get them cheap i think i told you about them before as well not so sure
blah.. well got it fixed today $90 car is back to normal. But one odd thing. The car is slightly a little more shakey. Not really noticeable but at times. You think its maybe my mind playing tricks on me?
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