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Replaced radiator, engine fan always turns

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I have a 2003 Tacoma with the 3.4L V6. Recently I impaled my truck on somebody's trailer hitch, because I'm an idiot. The hitch went through my bumper and put massive dents in the condenser and radiator, to the point where the radiator was hitting the engine fan.

With some rough handling, I was able to pull the radiator and condenser. I replaced the radiator, but I have not replaced the condenser yet. I just have the two lines (to the compressor and the drier) plugged up.

Here's my question. Truck is running great, but when I start the engine the fan immediately starts turning. I thought the fan normally didn't engage until a certain temperature was reached? Does this have something to do with my condenser being unplugged? Or I have I broken a temp sensor somewhere? Temperature appears to read correctly in the cab.

Thanks for any help.
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I thought the fan on these engines is driven by a belt on the engine, so it spins whenever the engine is on. Do you have an electric fan?
Maybe I'm completely out to lunch. I have the engine-driven OEM fan, but shortly after my collision, the fan was not turning. I thought it was due to temperature, but maybe it was stuck on the (dented) radiator.

Can anyone confirm that our engine fans turn all the time? If so, did I do any damage by driving the car several miles with the fan stuck?
There is a fluid coupling between the fan and pulley, so you probably are ok. I've heard of people tieing the fan down with rope to prevent it from turning when they drive through deep water offroading, so again, you're probably ok. Maybe just check that the fan will spin by hand with the engine off without any grinding or binding.
Thanks for the help, DrZ. It seems to be running fine, so I'll stop worrying about it!
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