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Replacing a 22RE Injected? Worth it?

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Hello all,

I have a 1990 Toyota Truck Xtra Cab that I have had since day one. It has been a great truck and I currently have 230K miles on it. The engine has developed an enormous oil leak and the Trany just started sounding like it has a dry bearing on gears 1,3,5. I imagine they must share the same spindle.

Anyway, the car is my daily driver and I commute about 100 miles each day so I want to hang on to it if possible. I have an extra trany sitting in the Garage and I am contemplating ordering a crate engine or a low miles engine from Japan. The former motor was so reliable that I think I can get another 150K out of this truck.

I have done engine work before on my truck and from what I remember from changing the timing chain and head gasket it Sucks! So is it worth it to replace a motor on an old truck or should I just put my money elsewhere finding some other used Daily Driver? My neighbor has a lift in his garage, and I have helped him with motor replacements on his cars so I know he will help me and we have the right tools to do it. I just fear that if I go this route and continue to drive this truck, I will run into nagging problems on items that were not replaced down the road.

Anybody have a company they reccomend for replacement? Asapmotors has a low milage engine for $995. Is that a good deal? Ebay? Is low milage better then rebuilt?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Marc Webster
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If you've had the truck since new, then you know the truck. Another used vehicle is an unknown. If it was me, I'd get another engine for it. I'm not going to say stay away from the dealers, but if you know of a reputable import mechanic, that may be the route to go. If you get a used to put in, hear it run and make sure you hear it started when it's cold! If it has rapping noise that takes more than 2 seconds to go away, probably best to leave it. You have a relatively low mileage truck.:)
i would replace the engine. you are probabally beter off with a crate engine frome a local engine shop with a warranty. i would pay no more than about. 1000.00 for a good reman engine less the timing cover and oil pan. if they dont use a steel rail timing chain kit go buy one just for the steel rail youll be glad you did later. has good deals. if you decied to build it yourself you can get a rebuild kit from him also and the parts are quality oem parts for a great price. i used the kit and have put 3000 miles on the engine with absolutely no noise. it was also the first car/truck engine i built. i was able to do every single thing by myself including dropping the engine in the truck tranny and all. the motor mounts have tabs on the bottom on a 2wd that makes them slide right in place. if i had to do it again i would build it myself only because i am off work on a lay off and would enjoy the project but if i was pressed for time id find a local shop who would either float you a core charge or that would have one in stock for you once you get it out you can swap it right there without the core charge. i would definatly go new and not used as you will be better of in the long run and besides if your going to do something you might as well get it right. i would replace the clutch and have the flywheel turned or replaced when you hav it out also. by the way it was about the same price for me to build my engine as it would be to buy a new one and i dont have a warranty as a whole engine. i just figured if i built it i wasnt getting a gauranteed piece of crap but if it did blow up i would lknow that i couldnt build an engine woth a shit. its all a matter of choice. is it worth it hell yea!!!
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I would just rebuild the motor, the 22re is a great motor.

just rebuild it,for machine work and new parts you can have a brand new engine.and would be about the same thing 1k or less.replace the cam bore it 20 over,rebuild kit from enginebuilder is about 400,cam machine work is about another 350/400,then your labor.have the injectors cleaned or just rebuilt for about 45+ exchange.trying to use your original engine is always the best way to will have fewer unseen problems.once you get the engine out and torn down you will know exactly what you will need to do.but as long as there are no cracks bad warps ect,reuse the engine.that is what i would do anyways.
original thread date 12-07-2005, 11:26 AM
wow, way to use the search button there AlexB18 :lol:
An oil leak is NOT a reason to replace a Toyota engine. Usually it's just the front crankshaft seal or the oil pump seal that's leaking. Both are easily changed during the timing chain replacement job. I'm at 476,000 miles so I just laugh at suggestions that you need a new engine just because you have 230,000 miles.

You can't get used 22R series engines from Japan because 22R's were ever sold in Japan. and the "crate" engines are just sloppy cheap rebuilts that are no where near as durable as the factory original engine.

So unless you have low compression on some cylinders or heavy oil consumption, I'd just get the timing chain and oil seals replaced. The main ways the 22RE dies are:

1) overheating the engine which warps the head causing the head gasket to fail
2) using green coolant and tap water which causes internal corrosion that causes the head gasket to fail
3) allowing the engine oil level to get real low which causes connecting rod bearing failure
4) allowing exhaust valve clearances to get too tight which can cause burned exhaust valves
5) ignoring timing chain noise which results in the chain sawing a hole in the timing cover which in turn allows coolant to contaiminate the engine oil which in turn ruins engine bearings.

The tranny bearings died due to a low oil level or failure to ever change the oil. If you have a spare tranny then use it. I took good care of my '92 tranny so it's still going strong after 476,000 miles.
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