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replacing a rotor thats stuck

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Well its time to change my rotors on my 93 rolla. The passengers side rotor is stuck and rusted on, so if anyone has any experience taking them off when there a pita I'd appreciate some advice.
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rubber mallot?

Just to make took the caliper off right?
yeah I checked and replaced the pads, and when I did that I was able to find out that the rotor was stuck. So basically try to beat the shat out of it and hope it comes loose?
yup beat the shit out it:thumbup: :D
i beat the shit out of mine once to get the axel out, it never did come off.
I was working on my girlfriend's '94 Corolla last week, and the rotors on the rear drums were kind of rusted in place, so I used some M8 metric bolts, threaded them into the rotor evenly until it popped off.

The rubber mallet method didn't work for me because there was just too much surface area that was rusted. Besides, that's what the two holes in your rotor are for ..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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