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replacing bulbs with LEDs

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just wondering how do you put LEDs in place of those 5W parker bulbs?

also how many 5mm LEDs can be run off the parker wires?

i just had an idea to connect like 3 different colours and make a switch to change the parker colours...i think 3 LEDs would be able to fit through the hole and into the lens'

i'll have and errr don't know what other colour. or maybe just 2...

and if a cop pulls me over i'll change it to white and he will be like wtf didn't you have blue parkers?
:rolleyes: :p:
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thats definately an idea ;).....
i have no idea how you would do it though :eek:....
it might take some fair bit of extra wiring though......
good luck :)
well how do you mount the LED into the bulb base anyway? and i can figure things out from there.

thanks for your help

i've just drawn up a diagram of how the 2 LEDs are gonna be wired.

LEDs negative will be connected to the bulb base...
and i will splice the wires to get to the positive wire...

it will be 3 metres approx from the headlight into the interior to a switch thats just to the left of my steering wheel.

for 1 LED the positive wire will be going 3m to and from the parker wire. thats 6m times 4 LEDs
24 metres of electrical wires!!!???:eek:

now for the switch...i can either have one colour on at a time only...or 2 switchs to turn 1 colour on or 2 or turn the parkers off completely lol...but i'm not sure if 2 5mm LEDs can be run off a single 5w parker connector...would i need any resisistors?

i'm no eletronic professional but is that how it should go?
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make sure the voltage is the same. if it is then it is easy to wire. make sure your have a capacitor in front of your led in case you have your polarity wrong.
if you have the polarity wrong, the led wont light up, simple as that. You'd need a resistor on the led to lower the current to the current the led would light up from, higher current and you'd blow the led.
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