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Replacing Coolant: Use Toyota LongLife or Cheaper Alternative?

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The manual for my '02 Echo "strongly recommends" the Toyota brand coolant, which is significantly more expensive, and harder for me to get.

Is it worth it? If not, which exact product should I buy (I'm flushing and replacing the coolant)?


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I use the toyota longlife coolant alway,s cause it last much longer :D
Well said GR-6.

I can ship you coolant, my price is $18.43 plus actual shipping costs. Weight of a gallon of coolant is 10lbs. Going to CA it may not save you anything.

Where in CA are you, I used to live in SO CAL and there are like dealers every 10 miles. Are you up in NO CAL?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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