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All right ; here it is from hard experience::headbang:

If you have a 1992 or a '93 you probably have replaceable front struts. You can tell it if there is a round wide disc near the lower mid point on the strut. That's Toyota's OE, and in that disc is a bearing. If you want OE struts, Toyota tells me that these struts are on National Back Order (3/21/09). If you want to go cheap, and not hassle with making more work for yourself, go get the Monroe struts from Pep Boys or NAPA; these fit.

But you may want to go to sealed struts. If you do; heed this:

You need to swap out the top strut mounts and get a strut bearing and other new parts you may not have seen on you '92 or '93. See here:

You have to get the '95 parts to make this happen. Without these you cannot make the struts safe. Read that entire discussion; it'll explain everything.

Remember: if you want to go to sealed struts, you MUST do this!


Drive Laughing!!:lol:
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