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Replacing Headgasket

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Hey fellow MR2 enthusiasts, I own a 93 MR2 turbo. I have unfortunatley discovered that my headgasket is just starting to go out on me. I really would like to do it myself but I'm not that good of a wrencher yet. So I am asking if anyone who owns the 93 Toyota MR2 shop manual (not Haynes or Chiltons) if they can email the right pages to me I could probably do it myself. Otherwise if someone can explain the process step by step to me I'll give it a try.

Thanks in advance,
Tymme Xiong

[email protected]
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i have the turbo and N/A in PDF format if you want????
The Toyota BGB (factory service manual) is listed in the sticky of this page. Here is a link for ease...

BTW: The NA and Turbo have the same service manuel.
cool Thanks u guys!
do you have the 1993 manual? IF so, yes please send me the PDF.

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