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Replacing pedals and hand brake ->AMG

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My cam has the "foot" hand brake and i was wondering if you guys think it would fit on a cam lol i know its far fetched but i got all the tiles to cut them down to size think the finish would get messed up? ill check tom on my dad's ML how the sizes are they should fit on the ml320 so ill check the sizes to see if they match up with the cam's, because the cam also has that footrest piece so i can try to fit it in there, good idea or no? check the pics:

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I have had two Gen 3's and I have never heard of a foot hand brake on a Gen 3. I've only seen those on old old old american cars. And why AMG? I guess it'll be good quality and all.
Thats pretty cool that they make covers for the foot brake I never knew that. And only the v6 gen 3s came with the foot brakes.
Why AMG? Wouldn't that be like putting a Mugen shift knob in your Camry? Seems just like slapping TRD stickers on a Saturn to me.
because i cant find the the 4th piece for the hand brake and i can easily trim those down to fit, i can find a 4 piece set like this anywhere and ive looked at a good amount of places
Don't trim them, it'll look like crap. Is your car manual or auto? You could get 2 cheaper sets and use the clutch pedal from the second set for the brake and the second gas pedal for a footrest. Or, even better, you could do a handbrake conversion :thumbup:
Found this site, I have the Nokya pedals and like them. They have seperate footrests too.
ptballer3271 said:
And only the v6 gen 3s came with the foot brakes.
stupid toyota, so much more fun could be had w/ a hand brake instead of my stupid foot one
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