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Replacing Power Steering fluid.

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I'm am embarrased everyday when I start my car and my power steering pump sqeeks like a beotch for about 30 seconds then it quits for the rest of the ride.

I'm almost about to replace the power steering pump for the 4th time in less then 6 months.:lol::lol::lol: I'm pretty good at it. I do know for a fact that the pump is squeeking and not anything else.

I'm going to buy belt dressing and a new belt for it too. I'm tired of doing this over and over agian.


Here's the question:

How do I replace all the fluid. Everytime I replace the pump I'm only replacing about one quart. How do I replace more than that?

1992 celica St manual transmission 1.6L engine.
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Is it the pump or the pump pulley that squeals?
If the pump pulley is slightly misaligned (crooked or not in the same plane with the crankshaft pulley) then it can squeal badly.

- Stepho
It's the pump. If the pulley is misaligned then it squeals all the time, right? Mine just squeels for 30 seconds then it smooths out.
The pulley squeals because the belt rubs at a funny angle.
If the belt warms up then it becomes a little more flexible and might stop squealing.
I've seen belts for the alternator do the same thing.
I normally get a piece of flexible tubing and stick one end in my ear.
Then I wave the other end around suspected noise sources.
This usually pin points it quickly.

- Stepho
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