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Can somebody point me in the right direction where can I buy just the banjo bolt for my new calipers? I have a new hydraulic flex line but it didn't come with a new banjo bolt.
What's wrong with the one you have? I don't think it normally needs to be replaced. If it is indeed compromised, then:

I think it's this:

Toyota Part No.: 90401-10045
Toyota 90401-10045 BOLT, UNION

Part DescriptionBolt, Union(For Front Flexible Hose)
Require Quantity2
Package Quantity1

I think if you're going to replace that, then you should also replace the washers/gaskets (copper, I think):

Toyota Part No.: 47389-50020
Toyota 47389-50020 GASKET

Part DescriptionGasket(For Front Flexible Hose)
Require Quantity2
Package Quantity1

This copper gasket/washer above shows "For Front Flexible Hose", but it's Toyota's typo. Doesn't matter anyway, because it's the same part number for front and rear.

I bought a whole pack of various sizes of copper washers for cheap at Harbor Freight. I used it on the banjo bolt for Gen 3 Camry brake flex hose. The HF washer was much thicker, and although it did work fine, I would have been more comfortable with the exact correct thickness (or should I say thinness?) that the OE product has. I would think the thinner (correct size) copper gasket would seal better. Because of that I suggest getting this from Toyota OR finding one that is the same thickness as the OE. Maybe it doesn't matter, as the thicker one did work OK.
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yeah that looks like it.... I have aftermarket powerstop calipers and some other aftermarket hose, it came with the crush washers/gaskets for the bolt but not the bolt itself. My bolt is just really rusty, not sure if it will be in one piece when i replace it so wanted to just get a new one.
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