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I took my 1989 Toyota Camry into the shop today to have a power steering leak inspected. When I called back later that day for an update, they informed me that the front right strut had separated from it's mount when they raised up the vehicle. They said they were able to get it back into place by positioning the strut as they lowered the vehicle, but that's basically not safe to drive -- strut will pop out the next time I fly over a large pothole or speed bump.

I'm pretty surprised (suspicious) this happened, given that I did the brakes just two weeks earlier and the strut definitely did not slip out into the wheel well during the job.

The shop wanted $800 to re-do both front struts.

Couple questions:

1. Is replacing the front struts on this kind of vehicle supposed to be that expensive? $800 seems very high...

2. Any recommendations on a place to buy the necessary parts or a kit to do the entire job oneself?

I've never done front struts before and I'm not certain I'm technically capable to do it -- but at the same token I'm sure as hell not putting another $800 into the car to have a shop do it :p

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I would check first to see if there is actually a problem, if the shop is telling the truth then what they describe is a failed mount not the strut itself. Removing a front strut on these cars is quite easy the harder part is compressing the spring to replace the strut if you don't have the tools then go to a shop and have them do it. But probably not the shop you were just at.
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