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Hi, I've been offered some mildly re-profiled road cams for the 1ZZ-FE engine. The camshaft base circle radius has been reduced in the re-profiling operation by about 0.9mm. This means that the standard valve lifters don't come in a thick enough size to give the correct valve clearance. I think the thickest is 5.74mm and I would need them to go up to about 6.4mm (my current lifters are near the middle of the range). I was hoping somebody else has already solved this problem and can point me in the right direction.
I think the two options are either to source some thick shimless lifters (like the standard 1ZZ-FE lifters) and have them ground to the correct thickness or alternatively is there another Toyota engine that uses shimmed lifters that could provide the right overall lifter thickness. I think 2JZ or 3SG lifters might work but I haven't found a reference for their total thickness. I'm not worried about high revs (i.e. >8000rpm) so shimmed lifters should be okay.
I'd be surprised if this problem hasn't already been addressed before, but I haven't found any info yet.

Thanks, Mike
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