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Resource: Strut Diagram

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I have been talking to some members lately about the difference between sealed and serviceable struts, and I realized its pretty damn hard to comprehend if you havent torn them apart! I know it took me a while to get it when i lowered my car, so I thought I would make a diagram explaining what an insert is and where it goes. Hope this helps someone, maybe it can be added to the FAQ? thanks!

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this is great.. sticky

but one question
does fluid leak throught the bottom see pic?
i mean if i take off the nut from bottom and the strut is upright will the fluid leak if insert is taken out?
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you put strut inserts or a shop did it?
in the pic it saids you dont think they put the fluid back in the strut and probably dont need it??
why not??
i had a shop do it haha but ive taken em apart since... it just looked like there wasnt any in there, they were probably lazy and didnt put any in. not the greatest shop in the world, but i didnt know that then... and no, I dont think any fluid will leak out of the bottom. Im pretty sure that end is sealed off. hope that helps!
the fluid is oil. and yes its there for a reason. =)

good diagram, im sure it will help
I know it is there to cool the strut... Ill be taking mine apart in a month or so when I put the k sports on anyway, then Ill know if I have fluid in there or not.
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