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Reverse Beep

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Ive got an '05 Corolla xrs and it has this dreaded beep alarm when you put the car into reverse or a passenger is unbuckled. I'm not sure if any of the previous models had this feature or if this new for '05.
Does anyone know how i can disable this without affecting any other important electronic components? :confused:
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yea im not sure how to disable that but it is one thing i noticed when i test drove the 05 the light for the seat belt was blinking and beeping and the salesman was reluctant to admit that it does that all the time anytime belt is off, plus that airbag light said on and i asked him what the hell that was and he said some stupid reason i cant even remember.
The seatbelt "beep" only runs for about 10-15 seconds before it shuts off - regardless of whether you've engaged the seatbelt. I agree that this beep is a royal PITA and I too would disengage it if I could easily engage it later.

The reverse "beep" will always come on when you're reversing. You will thank yourself that it does this because reverse and 1st Gear are VERY close and can be mistakenly chosen. In a hurry I've done it and caught myself thanks to the beep. It's been on the Celica GTS since it's induction in 2000 so I don't expect it to be removed (they share the same tranny).

Besides, it's a conversational piece...just scream out "WIDE LOAD" and watch your friends laugh and people look around.:lol:
Alright thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to reconsider disabling it now that you said that an accidental first gear might happen. Didn't think about that. thanks again.
the passenger airbage light is actually a good addition to the car. if you don't already know when there is no one in the front passenger seat or there isn't enough weight on it, ex back pack, take out food, etc is there, the air bag is turned off. so if you get into an accident it isn't activated and whatever was next to you will prolly end up on the floor and will not have a chance to fly back at the driver. the next time you are in your car and its running push down on the passenger seat, the air bag light will come on and it will beep, take you hand away and it will stop. plus its important to have your seat belt on in a car with air bags or just in any car in general, so my opinion is the beep is a good thing!
Check the user manual. This beep may be on a separate fuse that you can pull out without affecting anything else.
Ok, so I've been able to disarm the seat beeping feature on my '06 Corolla XRS, but the reverse beeping is driving me crazy. Has anyone found a way to reprogram the car computer (similar to the seat belt beeper)?

I know all the arguments for both being on, but value my sanity more. Anyone been able to disable it yet?

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