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Reverse Lights Not Functioning

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When I put my truck into reverse (manual tranny) the "gauges" fuse blows. I figured out that there's a problem with the wiring to or/from the C2 connector, but cannot locate it. It has been suggested it was behind the passenger side kick plate - the only thing behind the kick plate is the ECM. I've disconnected reverse switch at the tranny to stop blowing fuses. Any idea where I can find that C2 connector? Other solutions? Thanks !
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You probably have a wire shorting to ground when you put it in reverse. Use the wiring diagram and a meter to look for a short.
Thanks. Yes, I tested with an ohm meter and there's a short, actually 2 shorts. Both wires at the tranny indicate a short. This leads me to think that the connector located between the tranny and the tail lights might be the best place to start - but I cannot find it.
Here's a pic of the location of the switch. It's on the drivers side behind the bell housing.

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