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I finished installing a bunch of suspension yesterday...
I installed my
-Tein Super Street Coilovers
-Cusco camber platers
-DC Sport strut tower barce

After installing the Super Street coilovers. I set the dampening setting at 11 in the front and 12 int he back... This is running 5kg in the front with 5.5kg in the back. Heres the problem with the back ... I ordered the wrong spring hieght in the back and now the car sit actually 1/2" inch higher than stock... So I'm going to order 6 kg 200mm springs in the back sooo I could get a total of 3" drop in the rear... And swapping in the 5.5kg in the front...

But with the Tein coilovers, the cusco stress bar, the dc sport strut tower bar, the cusco camber plates, and the floor bar... The car turns very flat. And the suspension is very solid and still very streetable...I took it my little canyon road near my house. Where theres alot of 15mph to 20mph hour turns with alot of alltitude changes. Before with just the Tein basic, I could max out 2nd gear in the canyon road (67mph). Last night I was going about 2/10ths... And just drove around the corners at 50mph and the car had more to give. Theres no signs of body roll but there is a small signs of understeer. Hopefully the whiteline rear sway will take care of the understeer... I'll take pics when I'm at the track and maybe some videos... I cant imagine what this car is going to feel with the TRD Japan rear brace and the TRD Japan bushings.
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