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My supplies were low so I decided to give some of Adam's detailing products a try.

1) Leather cleaner and condition
The cleaner really removed the dirt and grime. The conditioner was easy to apply, didn't leave a greasy finish, and made my leather soft. Just right for both products. Smell great too.

Sorry no shots of the leather. Pics don't do it justice. Here is what came off with the leather cleaner. This was a white towel to begin with:

2) Metal Polish #1 and #2
What can I say about these two! They are awesome. So easy to apply and more importantly to remove. I used the MF applicator pads to apply and an MF towel to remove. My polished wheels looked super shiny. I applied a layer of P21S wax on top of the polish to give the wheels some extra protection. :thumbup:

3) VRT applied using grey sponges
This stuff is so easy to apply and isn't overly greasy or shiny. It left the tires looking perfect. You can see it in the tire pic above. I also applied it to my Lorado tonneau cover for its UV protection.

4) Glass cleaner
Good stuff too. It left no streaks and cleaned well.

5) White waffle MF drying towel
I usually have to use 2 towels to dry my truck but this white one was enough to get the job done. It's a big towel and works great at drying without scratching the paint. My favorite drying towel for sure.

6) Super plush MF towel
This thing is super soft! I used it to buff out a layer of P21S carnuba wax off my truck. Here are the results:

Oh, almost forgot to mention that at the security checkpoint at work today, the security guard on duty inspects my truck and says, "Your truck is looking great, sir." Also, I had some double takes driving through the parking lot at work. Good day largely due to Adam's fine products.

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Nice truck! I'm honored we are responsible for some of the shine. You have a really, really, really nice truck. Please email me your address as I'd like to send you some other products to try. Taking the time to photograph and do this write up was kind of you, and I sure appreciate it!

Thanks, and I look forward to your email: [email protected].


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So far I've tried almost every product that Adam's carries. I haven't found one Adam's product that I don't recommend. My detailing cabinet is currently about 80% Adam's Products. They have a great product line that should cover pretty much any detailing task.

I detailed a 2003 Z06 Corvette this week, using all Adam's products. The Fine Machine polish, and Machine SuperWax is awesome stuff. The car turned out amazing! It was mouth watering. I wish I had pics of it, but I was rushing to finish the car because we had some bad weather that was coming, and the owner wanted to get his car home and in the garage.

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My First Adams Experience

I just finished my first experience with Adam products. I have to say that even after only a wash/dry, I am already impressed. The soap was great as it made tons of suds and had a good smell. The detailing spray was awesome. I followed Adam's tips and used the spray during the drying process. It made things much easier and faster. Drying my double cab used to take forever and would tick me off. Today, it as fun, quick and easy. I will definitely be getting rid of my Meguiars and Zymol detailing sprays now and sticking to Adams.

Also, Im about to go order some more Adams products. I am most interested in the undercarriage spray. I've always hated the way the wheel wells look and that stuff should remedy the situation.

Tomorrow I will break out the PC 7424 and try Adam's swirl and haze remover, fine machine polish and machine super wax. Im really looking forward to it!

I'll try to take and post before/after pics.

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Adams stuff

Ok, I have not been able to take a decent picture of my truck. Either the weather is bad enough to make me leave it in the garage, or the camera sucks, or both (btw, dont buy HP digital cameras).

Anyway, I have now used the following Adams products:

- Wash
- Detail spray
- Swirl and haze remover
- Fine machine polish
- Super wax (some other word in there somewhere)
- All purpose cleaner
- Undercarriage spray

I have REALLY liked ever product. The detail spray is what has impressed me the most. That and the wax/polish products. The detail spray is a great lubricant and makes your towel glide across the surface; truly a pleasure to use. Smells good, too. The wax and polish leave a great shine. The others that I mentioned are better than what I have found at walmart, target, auto zone, etc. Honestly, I dont think I'll be using anything but Adams anytime soon.

Anyone want to buy some Zymol stuff?

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I just received my first order of supplies from Adams, after purchasing my 08 Tacoma. Justin helped me group together a custom order and he spent a lot of time walking me through the items that I needed and the different uses for each.

After checking the front door for several days, the boxes finally showed! I couldn't even wait until the next day. I opened up the boxes and decided I was going to at least get her washed and dried off before all my light disappeared. I opened up the boxes, which were very well packed and inside the bucket, one of the bottles had cracked and leaked all over the towels and in the process had drained out one of the spray bottles. It was the detail spray and I had ordered a big gallon jug of it anyway, but I thought I'd drop a line to Justin just to let him know about it. It wasn't their fault, probably FEDEX, however, Justin said he would shoot me out a new bottle a new towel that was stained from the goo soaking into it (I washed it twice and still didn't come out). I was happy and started washing and drying.

This morning I started waxing and detailing tires, interior, trim pieces and an email popped in from the shipping manager at Adams (Rob)..saying they were sending me all new towels, sponge applicators and a new bottle of spray. What unbelievable customer service! I'm glad they replaced the bottle...but all the rest? Great matter whether I like the product or not...that kind of customer service will keep me coming back time and again.

Now, on to the products. Guys, if you have not tried this yourself a favor and pick up some of Adams' products. Not only are they easy to use, but they smell incredible. The leather conditioner smells like a saddle shop. I walk in my garage every 20 minutes or so and take a deep whiff just to smell the detail spray...its like cherry bubble gum or something...The VRT tire cleaner/dressing is perfect of the tires and all the trim pieces (I used it on the plastic engine cover and it looks awesome)...and its not greasy. Same thing for the leather conditioner on the inside. My car is brand spanking new and still had the new car smell. I didn't want to lose that smell, but after smelling the Adams leather conditioner, I just detailed the entire interior. The soap is great too...and it must be nuclear or something b/c its like NEON in color...real sudsy and again, the smell.

I had a couple scratch marks on the corner of the hood/grill when I installed my grillcraft and the Revive combined with Swirl and Polish did a good job of taking them out. I still need to machine polish it a little more and then reapply some wax for protection, but I was surprised how easy it was. When I used to detail cars in high school, we had nothing like these products and I gotta say, I knew nothing. The process that they prescribe from washing the tires first to running slow water over to rinse (instead of spray) is real good.

Adams videos combined with PB's how-to (look at top of page in detailing section) are all you'll need to keep your ride clean in and out.

Thanks to Adams for their incredible service. Thanks again Justin...glad to do business with you and you can expect another order soon.
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