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so my buddy and i were at harbor freight tools (if you have one near you take a look around you can find some good stuff for cheap) and found a set of 'ultra white bulbs' for 4.99 a pop.
i said to myself "what the hell, for 10 bucks for both its worth trying"
so i got a set for myself and put them in and lemme say, for 10 bucks they are more than worth the money. they're bright, VERY white, and they come with a 3 month guarantee. so in short i found a set of 'high performance' headlight bulbs for 10 bucks that are actually very bright and very white that come with a 3 month guarantee.
over the next few weeks i'll post periodic updates on how they fare.
hypothesis: they last three months as the manufacturer made them to be bright and sacrifice long life

Note: yes tehy are the stock 55/65 watt for you 9003 (98-00) folks
and yes they have every STANDARD 900X series bulb (9003,4,5,6,7) and they are ALL 4.99

will keep you posted.
seriously if you have a harbor freight near you take a look inside, if you arent sure look on the interblag
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