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I have an Avensis 2006 petrol, 55K miles.

When i firstly start to drive it revs up to 2K rpm while driving. Then while its idling its revving constantly and the needle is bouncing up and down to 1K rpm.

I dont have the car long so didnt think much of the initial revving to 2K rpm while driving as this happens just at the start of driving generally first thing in the morning leaving the house or after all day at work, so thought it was to do with the engine warming up. However, today is the first morning where it constantly revved to 1K rpm while idling.

Anyone know whats causing this? And how serious it is?

Either way I'm gonna get it seen to, but would it be ok to drive for another couple of days and to be driven for about 200miles/320km one of the days????

Thanks for your help!
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