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2007 TRD Sport
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I've been asked a bunch of times about the setup I have on my truck, so I decided to make a build up thread.

Vitals: Stock
2007 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

Shortly after purchase
With Tonneau cover, I think it was my first "mod" :lol:

You can also see my LED blue light for the Fire Dept.

A little less stock
Fog Light Mod
Painted Engine Cover

20% Window Tint (Now it's at 3%)

Clear Headlight Mod with some cheap lights from advance auto while I waited for my chrome bulbs

Debadged, then Vinyl badges from sockmonkey, and grillcraft upper

Red interior LED's in shifter, and overhead light. (Poor picture, it shows up much better)

Home made Bumper plugs

Black lower bumper vinyl, and stock toyota skid plate

3" toytec lift:

884 Coils with top plate spacer
Rear AAL
All with stock TRD shocks

285/70/17 BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO Tires
No spacers in this picture, on stock 17" sport rims.

Also, unseen, Tom Woods Custom 1 Piece driveshaft

With one of my Toys
Grillcraft Lower

As of Dec 08 with 1/4" wheel spacers (Wheelers) on front wheels (I ran these spacers after taking off the front washers on the lugnuts, to gain back some threads. I still had rubbing with this setup, but not as much as I did without spacers.)

Dual exhaust: Flowmaster Delta Flow 40, Single in, Dual out 2.5" pipe with Black chrome exhaust tips
Rear receiver shackle

Hi Lift Jack mounted in bed

Current as of Feb. 2009


Not pictured or mentioned
Extended steel braided brake lines all around
AFE Cold Air Intake
Wet Okole Seat covers
Fumoto Drain Valve
Tailgate hose clamp
HID's in fogs (6000K)
TRD badges from Sockmonkey
Diff. Breather mod
Weathertech front/rear floor liners
Relocated 7-pin
USA Spec DF15 TOY Ipod adapter
Blue dash lights
Viper 5902 Alarm
FX-R Bixenon OEM Retro-all black with gatling shrouds

Pictured later on
Shrockworks sliders

Future Mods (this list never seems to get any smaller, but it's starting to!)

Electric Tailgate Lock
Brighter backup lights (so I can see through my tint :lol:)
Rock lights
Illuminate 4x4 switch
Bed Mat
Minor Audio

Still up in the air about:
A clever name for my truck!

I will update this thread as I mod my truck, or remember mods I've done

As of 6/19/09
6" stage II procomp lift, with 1/4" top plate spacers
315/70/17 Firestone Destination MT
Moto Metal 957 Black rims 17x9 4.53 BS -12 Offset

Here are some shots of my FX-R OEM Retro, and a few of Yosh's blue/red LED dash lights.


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Wow that is one awesome truck. I like everything about it, except the exhaust that looks gay. Other than that, it's probably the nicest truck I've seen. :eek:

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Nice looking truck! Did you notice any braking difference after you got the SS brake lines? I just ordered them last night and hoping my brakes respond better. Also, did you put them on yourself or bring it in to a shop?

I Like 'Ze Best
2007 TRD Sport
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It's going to be an exciting new year for my truck.

Sometime soon after the 1st of the year I plan on getting a good bit done on the truck.
Install TC UCA's
Install OME front shocks
Install Cragar Soft 8 black steel rims


I'll update as things progress.:thumbsup:

I Like 'Ze Best
2007 TRD Sport
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So I've pretty much decided on lifting it six inches. I've been going back and forth on it for a while now, but earlier today I had the truck jacked up, and measuring before and after doing that, I got to get a decent idea of how it would look another 3 inches higher with some clever work on my part. :lol: I had my 33's on it, and it still looked good to me. I suppose by the time I do it, and then need new tires, I will know for sure if I want to up in size or not.

I'm planning on going for the Fabtech six inch lift, I'll most likely end up getting the cheaper version, but I have enough time to not rule out the shock/coil versions. I'm not in a rush, so I want to do it right. Time to start saving some money, and wait for a sale, hopefully four wheel parts will have another 15% off sale on the lifts.

In even better news, I got my wheels, I'm just waiting to be able to swap them out for my stock rims, and put my old dunlops back on those for highway runs.

My sliders should be getting mounted in a few weeks, and my shocks and UCA's should be getting put on sometime this week. :clap:

I've also got a few other additions in the works.:naughty:

I Like 'Ze Best
2007 TRD Sport
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I can't fit anything bigger than the 33's I have now, unless I get a six inch lift, even still, I plan on stayin at 33, at least for a while with the six inch.

Updates as of 1/8/09

Installed TC UCA's
Installed OME shocks up front
Mounted BFG's AT's onto my black Cragar 17" rims, and installed onto my truck
Painted calipers, and rear drums(which were starting to rust)

30K mile service also done throughout this week, I had to space it out so I wouldn't go insane trying to finish it all at once.
Denso Iridium spark plugs
Change rear diff oil, transfer case oil, and front diff oil with Redline 75w90
Amsoil 5w30 synthetic oil-first time actually using the fumoto, worked great! I love it.
Toyota oil filter
Other misc. 30K interval stuff.

In the works
Gonna wire up some reverse lights, I got a set of hella 500's with everything for $36 shipped.
Diff breather extention, have all the parts, just need to do it
Rock lights to come on under my rocker panels when I open the door, or put the dome light on.
Shrockworks sliders in the mail, should be here in a few weeks, then I'll get those mounted up.

Alignment in the morning, so I hope it's smooth sailing after that, it's a little squirrelly right now. :lol:

I now have my old dunlop tires on my stock sport rims, to use for long highway runs, to save tire wear on my BFG's.

I'm currently researching 6 inch lifts. I like the fabtech lifts, I just have to decide on whether or not I want to get the basic, or performance kit. After doing all this work on my truck, I think I'd rather pay someone to put the six inch lift on. I know I have the capability, but unless it's outrageous to get it done professionally, I think I'll have someone do it. Anyone know how much it might be?

Pictures coming soon, my truck is dirty, and its dark out.

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what does it look like w/ 3% tint. thats limo tint i believe. DId you do it all around or just on the front windows.

I Like 'Ze Best
2007 TRD Sport
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what does it look like w/ 3% tint. thats limo tint i believe. DId you do it all around or just on the front windows.
All around, except the windshield. I'll try to get a picture of the truck tomorrow to show the tint.

your truck is coming along nicely.

Thank you! :thumbsup:
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