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rim color?

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i was woundering what color should i paint my rim centers(as in leave the machined lip) and what color should i paint the calipers after i put the supra rotors on it? so baisically what i'm asking is for someone to drop my car, change the color of the wheels to another color and to paint the calipers. please?


here she is

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yea....i agree ..leave it
yeah but for the colour of his he should stick with the colour he got or he can sand it so its not so shiny. like give it a nice dull look.. well then on the other hand blakc isn't so bad...
i like the gold rims.....:thumbup:
I think they're fine as they are. If you're compelled to change, my vote is gunmetal.

As for the calipers, smooth them down with a grinder and paint them silver.
i dont like gunmetal or black for rims...rims always look dirty...i like a nice shiny rim....or at least a nice fat ass lip......
tru tru. That's why I think he should stick to his current colour and maybe just give them a good cleaning. Dark coloured rims can be tricky to pull off. I like mine 'cause I hate cleaning rims :(
u lazy bastard....can spend a hour or two on the car..but neglect the rims.....:disappoin

i'll clean off my rims even if its raining out..i hate it when they are dull and covered in dust......
i think his rims are fine cause they look nice with the car.. its all depends on the way the car looks.. i mean if u have a black car its nice to have any colour rim really cause that goes with anything.. yeah.. just go with what u like...
Que-ing Razo-E!
what car is that????
Gridlyne said:
Que-ing Razo-E!
haha, what?

they did the chop already...

i'm not needed..:(

anyway, a dark silver/gunmetal would look the best...
97'camryLE said:
what car is that????

it's a 94 camry wagon

and thanks timberland it looks hot with shaved handles and dark rims and lowered. phi i'll start grinding the down when i get to florida and do the swap. thanks guys for your input:thumbup: :D
Damn dude that looks badass with the photoshopped black/gunmetal rims and dropped and with the Shaved door handles:thumbup: You should do it man
hey timberland could you do just one more?

i'm planning on getting the car painted this winter and i was going to remove the roof rack and antenea alltogether i was also going to get some cf graffix painted on also but in a classy sort or way. so if you can do it that would be great or anyone else but i'd like to see it with and without the cf graffix.

i'll have to get some better pics sorry about the quality

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What color are you gonna paint it?

I think I'll hand this one over to Razo so he doesn't cry again.:lol:
That lowering looks terrible, I'd have to see the real thing though on a wagon
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