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Rim Comparison: Kosei vs ASA

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So later this summer I will hopefully get some new wheels & tires... originally I was set on the ASA EM9, but recently I've been looking at Kosei's. I want a 17" just because anything smaller looks goofy, but I want to get the most performance out of this 17. Obviously the Kosei is going to be a better performer, being 5 pounds lighter per wheel and a half inch wider, but it's also going to be $160 more per set. Will this extra money be worth the performance gains?

Kosei K-1 Racing:
16 lbs
+45 Offset

21 lbs
+40 Offset

BTW, I don't really care too much how they match the car... I'm a huge fan of the BBS style wheels, and the Kosei's are all about performance, so I really dont' give a f*ck.
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Tire rack shopping eh? I remember the prices and models.

Performance difference will be minimal so unless you are racing.. but I am partial to the Kosei and it was on my short list. I ended up buying ebay. Budgeted less expensive rims for better tires.

I remember cheapo tires and I never want to go that route again. Nothing like steering wheel vibration nagging.
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