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Maybe this question has been ask too many time but I just want to make sure I'm in the right path.
1. If I buy rippmod supercharger, do I need to buy any extra things for it? Intercooler, fuel injectors...????
2. Do I need to buy the rippmod header to work with the s/c for better result??
3. Will I lost power if I have dual exhaust with s/c or will it make better?
4. How much the installation should cost me to put everything on? ( s/c only, s/c +everything) please specific.

Thanks guys! This is my next mods to my car, if the price range from $5000-6000, I will start work on it.

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My answers,

1. No, it comes with injectors although not an intercooler.
2. It's highly recommended if coupled with the SDS.
3. It depends on the piping is set up.. if it's a fake dual, no. Most likely not though.
4. All depends on how much labor hours and costs the shop is charging you. It all depends on who puts it on for you.

If you buy the kit, and know a decent amount about cars in general, you should be able to put it on yourself with a friend. It's just a weekend job, I just finished helping my friend put a SDS on his car.

The kit contains..

•RIPP SDS (Supercharger Drive System) 6061 Aluminum CNC design and fabricated

•RIPP Black Box Preprogrammed (Fuel and timing controller no out side tuning required at all)

•RIPP 2 Bar MAP Sensor for exact ECU boost communication

•RIPP/Vortech V5 G-Trim Supercharger

•RIPP Blow Off Valve

•RIPP Over Drive Crank Pulley (Billet Aluminum 1.75lbs) 9-11psi

•RIPP Boost Cooler, with digital controller

•Four 270cc Venom Injectors with clips

•Malpassi Rising rate fuel pressure regulator with gauge

•All 6061 aluminum piping

•Four Ply silicon hose (Gloss Black Red or Blue)

•Walboro 255 in tank Fuel pump

*All hardware and clamps included

•2 Part 20 page Illustrated Instructions

•Easy 6-10 hour install

•One year warrantee included from date of purchase

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nah, I love my 4 banger, it's only have 28k miles on it:D Rippmod for this 4 banger is just for fun since after I done with my fully s/c project, the new one will be IS300. Thanks for the offer.
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