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I've had my '89 Camry for 3 years. It's been no more than 100 miles twice before this week and none before being tuned. This week I flipped a coin and it came up for the Camry rather than the '05 Tahoe or the '07 MX-5 GT. The route was Richmond to Salisbury, MD, (I95, US301, US 50 through Annapolis) and return by US13 through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Virginia Beach.

Gas mileage for the 3 day trip was a smidge above 32.

Overall comfort for my 65 year old back was reasonably good.

Acceleration from the 4-banger wasn't great.

The car purred along wonderfully.

It warmed up today and the AC blew ice cubes, then warm air and then ice cubes.

The radio "dial" LED's are not visible and haven't been since I've had the car. The trip forced the decision to replace the radio.

I like the car better now than I did before the trip. Next week I'm doing a road trip to Michigan that will be ~2k miles. The coin will come down on the Tahoe.
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