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Rock lights or bed lights?

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I know there's a thread on bed lights with no real solution yet. I ran across these today:

$89.99 for LED underbody kits with wireless remote control. Seems like one of the cheapest ways to add lights to the bed. I first saw them with they were $150+ and decided there's no way in hell I was paying that much for bed lights! :lol:

Now I'm thinking these would work well if I mounted them along the sides just below the rails.

I'm also thinking about a set under the truck to light up the ground like rock lights, or so my wife and kids can see when getting out at night. Remote controls mean no extra wiring or switch placement! And I can kick them on before I get to the truck.

I figured white would produce a good amount of light, and would be street legal if I left them on "by mistake" with a cop around. :lol: In NY you can only have white or amber on the front, and white, amber or red on the rear. So I'm half tempted to leave them on and tell the cop they're legal if I get pulled over. :clap:

They seem VERY bright in this pic, so I can only assume the light would disperse more and light up more ground being mounted higher on my truck.

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I'll be curious to know how the under cab lights hold up to mud and/or snow and ice.

They look good and appear to be practical. After seeing them I got to thinking the undercab ones could be hooked up to the door light circuit and use the remote for the bed lights.
one suggestion on tie wraps, the sunlight (UV) will affect them and they turn very brittle after a year in the sun, so might want to just hand paint them to protect the plastic?
That is a good point, since we all probably use zip ties in mods and various things. And, no offense, but you lowlanders :D don't have a real clue about what real UV is or can really do.

My son is a commercial electrician and I have taken his advice and now use zips that are made by Klein (or Vaco). They are black, have UV inhibitors formulated into them, have a 50 lb tensil strength, withstand temps up to 185 F. and best of all IMO, they can be released and reused (good for when I decide I do not like the way I routed something). They are pricey though at about $15 for 60 of them. On the plus side, I have never yet had one fail in any application where I have used them on car, truck or ATV.
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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