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I figured I would post a 5% discount code on here. I mean were going to be buying parts anyways right, so why not save another 5%.

code is:


insert it in the field that says , how did you hear about us.
Enjoy :)

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5% discount... :p man thats such a joke.

I'll tell you a little marketing plot, 5% sounds alot better on paper that it actually is, companies fishing for people to buy from them. I'd bet you can get that 5% off anytime from toyota just by asking it. They got a certain percentage they get from the product, so that 5% is most likely in their allowance.

I once got 70% discount from toyota, just by asking for a discount. Fun

Imagine, you have a product, 10bucks... you get 50cents off, hardly what I'd call a discount... we give atleast -10% where I work :p

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:clap: well considering their parts are some of the least expensive for aftermarket, take another 5% off and its even cheaper. P.S. who buys a ten dollar part online? When you have to pay for shipping you try to get as much as possible to help off set the cost. :) :) :):whatwhat:
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