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I'm curious about wiring up some LED lights for my footwells and for my grill. Here is a picture of how I want to wire my LEDS.

Does that look like a safe way to run the LED's? Is there a chance of over powering the fuse for the low beams that only come on at night? Do I need to put fuses in there somewhere? If so, where? Also, these are the rocker switches I will probably put in, anyone have any experiences with these?

Do you of a casing unit for this? where I can put 2 or 3 of these switches in 1 casing? or any other kind of Rocker Switch. I want to be able to turn on these lights independently or keep them off for cops or something. Also, in the same spot I want a switch for my amp so I can run without the sub woofer on if I choose to.

Here's how I want to wire the woofer:

Will just disconnecting the 12v remote be safe enough and easy enough to turn off my subwoofer?

Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.

BTW, obviously this is all a DIY project, that's why I come here, where people actually know everything.
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